Further resources

Get WebGL

The plugin page, designed to test whether your web browser supports WebGL and 3D graphics. If you see a spinning box, your browser is a good candidate for WebGL! You should also be able to click on links to the company-maintained web pages for WebGL, administered by Khronos.


Learn WebGL

An online textbook by Dr. C Wayne Brown of the US Air Force Academy. Produced by Runestone Interactive.



This popular extension to WebGL makes it easier to use, and the examples in lesson 4 are based on it because the programs you write using it are easier to read as well. Not only is the Javascript library available for download here, but there are hundreds of examples of programming with 3D art for the browser.


Interactive 3D Graphics by Autodesk

This free 2-month class will teach you about the basic principles of 3D computer graphics: meshes, transforms, cameras, materials, lighting, and animation. The language used is Javascript with three.js.


20 Impressive Examples for Learning WebGL with Three.js


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