Welcome to Piano Typewriter, the game that makes typing on the computer feel like you’re playing the piano better than ever before! To begin, choose one of the blog posts through the menu at left, or type a song title into the search box. (Good demo titles to search for are “Greensleeves” or “Swanee”. Not all available songs are guaranteed to work.)


Once you get into a screen like the above, start typing the letters flashing in red to play each note. It will be as if you were playing the piano with your right hand, and the computer will accompany you on the other hand. You can switch hands easily by clicking on a note in the bass staff, for example.

Feature: Piano Typewriter is iOS compatible! Click on the flashing red text to open your phone’s keyboard so you can type one of the letters.

Advanced Feature: When viewing a song in the player, you have the option to Change MIDI Instrument from the narrow black menu bar at the top of the screen and make a new synthesizer sound play your notes. Only the currently selected hand will be changed; for example, the treble would be switched to tinkle bell and the bass hand would stay the same.

Advanced Feature: If you have old MIDI files lying around, or Lilypond files that are special text files that end in .ly, you can upload music to be converted into a playable post page. The easiest files to convert will be .ly files from The Mutopia Project, which are the files that this collection is built upon. Another source I’ve gotten to work is the MIDIs at The Classical Piano MIDI Page. (Watch out for the format 0 midis, because they will not have two hands—all notes will be combined on one staff.) You might also try Disklavier World.

The pictures of MIDI instruments on this site were taken from Wikimedia Commons through the gracious donation of their authors. To find out more or to download a copy of the pictures for your own project, go to my page at Github.

All this is made possible by midi.js! An open source library that turns your web browser into a Javascript-controlled piano synthesizer.

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