Africa, Oceania, and the Americas (ARTH 010E)

Mr. Levine wrote a satisfactory first midterm exam scoring 78%. With a score of 88%, Mr. Levine’s second midterm was very good.  On the final exam, Mr. Levine performed well; the score achieved was 82%.  His work on exams ranged from fair to very fine quality.  He clearly grasped most of the issues dealt with in the course and demonstrated a fairly good command of both facts and concepts.  His term paper, which used ethnographic methodology to examine psychedelic decorations, depended too heavily on his own perspective, but did present some ethnographic evidence.  The paper’s prose could have used further polishing, but overall represented satisfactory work.  Mr. Levine was a quiet but attentive participant in the discussion section held by Cheryl Barkey.

Course description: Students examine the visual cultures of selected societies from Africa, Oceania, and the Americas.  Artifacts are understood in terms of their historical context and the systems of beliefs and practices which vitalize them.  Students confront the limitations of Art Historical and Anthropological methodologies and practices. Three exams and one research paper discussing an aspect of local visual culture are required.

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