Creative Writing: Fiction (LTCR 002)

In LTCR 2, Beginning Fiction, Andrew completed the assigned readings and a set of written experiments structured around the development of character, plot, setting, and style. These early experiments were rich in detail and dialogue, showing much promise for development given further revision.

Andrew’s first story was a highly entertaining piece of writing involving sadistic ex-generals, vengeful jesters, and cutting dialogue. His substantial revision of the story succeeded in filling out his plot and developing his characters even more. His second story, entitled “Of Cabbages and Kings,” centered on the adventures of a young man who is plagued by the voice of Shakespeare in his mind and embarks on his quest for the Chainsaw Excalibur.

Both of Andrew’s stories were memorable for smoothness of his writing, his development of character, and his witty dialogue. Andrew participated selectively in group discussion, but his comments were thoughtful when he chose to speak. His written comments in his peer revising group and in response to the larger writing workshop were succinct but observant. Overall, Andrew has done very good work for this course; he shows a talent for crafting suspenseful, highly enjoyable stories.

Course description:┬áThis was an introductory course for developing creative writers. Students read contemporary fiction, did in-class freewrites, and completed quick, structured experiments in craft; later they completed and revised both a 5-8 page and a 10-15 page story. Students also participated in peer editing groups, and weekly workshops in which they discussed and wrote responses to their colleagues’ stories.

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