Dante’s Divine Comedy (LTPR 183)

Andrew did good work in this course.  He attended section regularly and participated occasionally in the discussion.  His written work was generally good, but was limited by certain structural problems.

In his first paper, Andrew discussed how Dante’s confusion about love relates to his paradoxical descriptions in the Vita Nuova and his author/protagonist split in the “Inferno”.  The paper had moments of excellence, but the lack of a clear interpretive argument limited the overall success of the paper. In his second essay, Andrew discussed the triangular relationship between Dante, Virgil, and Statius in “Purgatorio”.  While he touched upon many important ideas, the paper was limited again by a vague thesis argument and by a lack of development.  Andrew’s final exam was very impressive and illustrated his strong understanding of the course material.

Course description: Students read Dante’s Vita Nuova; the “Inferno” and the “Purgatorio” of The Divine Comedy; selected lyrics from the French and Italian courtly love tradition; selected books of Virgil’s Aeneid. Two papers (of 6 and of 8 pages) and a final exam were required.

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