Abstract Data Types (CMPS 101)

Performance of this student РMidterm: Excellent; Lab/homework: Excellent; Final: Very Good. Overall result:  Excellent.

This was a very large class and I had limited opportunity to have a good individual evaluation of all the students. Narrative evaluation comments ARE NOT assigned competitively, and cannot be readily translated into a letter grade equivalent.

Course description:¬†Studies basic algorithms and their relationships to common abstract data types. Covers the notions of abstract data types and the distinction between an abstract data type and an implemetation of that data type. The complexity analysis of common algorithms using asymptotic (big “0”) notation is emphasized. Topics include sorting and searching techniques, basic graph algorithms, and algorithm design techniques. Abstract data types covered include priority queues, dictionaries, disjoint sets, heaps, balanced trees, and hashing. Familiarity with C and Unix is assumed. Enrollment restricted to School of Engineering majors.

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