Native American Literature (LTAM 102D)

Andrew did fair, but largely disappointing, work for the course.  He was frequently late to class and although he participated occasionally in discussion, his comments often needed to be more grounded in close reading of the texts.  His short papers were generally of average quality—he often made intelligent points but his observations were disorganized and needed more thorough development.  In his in-class presentation, Andrew’s reading of Alexie’s story A Drug Called Tradition fell short of its goal: it was overly brief and presented a fairly shallow interpretation of the themes present in text.  More specific use of the text and stronger analytical content would have improved this effort significantly.  Finally, Andrew’s final paper was a vague, disorganized consideration of the uses of history within contemporary Native American literature.  His points were overly general and were not supported by quotes or commentary.  Although some brief points offered promise, they were never developed into a coherent argument.   The paper was only of passing quality. Overall, a weak quarter’s work that indicated a lack of engagement and the need for improvement in both writing and analytical skills.

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