Introduction to Analysis of Algorithms (CMPS 102)

Out of the 20 students taking the final, Andrew Levine’s overall performance was below average. The first midterm was given early in the quarter and tended to test the students’ background. Andrew did poorly, scoring 18/40 (average 26, high 37). The second midterm was a little long for the exam period, so it was treated as a 40 point (instead of 45 point) exam. Andrew did a below average job on that one, scoring 23/40 (average 29, high 42). On the comprehensive final, Andrew also did below average, scoring 44/80 points (average 57, high 76). Andrew’s scores on the difficult written assignments were very poor, totaling 56/300 (average: 172, high: 281).

The percentages in these components of the class were weighted as follows. homeworks: 15 percent, midterm1: 10 percent, midterm2: 25 percent, final: 50 percent. This gives Andrew 49 percent of the weighted points. (average 69, high 91).

Course description:┬áThe course emphasized formal methods, greedy algorithms, divide and conquer, information theoretic lower bounds, dynamic programming, backtracking, and branch and bound (chapters 1-9 and 12.2 of Brassard and Bratley’s Fundamentals of Algorithmics). Coursework consisted of homeworks (30 percent), midterm (25 percent) and final (45 percent).

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