Software Methodology (CMPS 115)

Andrew Levine was a member of a three person team that implemented the classic game Hangman in the Visual Basic language. The game involved three difficulty levels, with a different dictionary used at each difficulty level. Since the group was easily handling the challenges of developing the Hangman game, a late-quarter engineering change request was issued to the team, which they also handled with ease.

Donna Stidolph, the teaching assistant for the class, wrote about this team: “I was impressed with them from beginning to end:  Good problem selection, appropriate language selection, work products covered the bases with no effort wasted on production, they were always polite and had questions to ask in lab, and acted like they enjoyed the class and each other.”

Andrew Levine received the following grades (all out of 100) – Group project: 92; Three exams: 87; In-class quizzes: 64; Software inspection: 100.

Course description: The course grade for CMPS 115 is comprised of four parts: A quarter-long group project (40% of the final grade) Three exams (35%) In-class quizzes (10%) Participation in a software inspection (10%) The group project involved the use of Software Engineering techniques to develop a small game. The Waterfall software development process was used, and involved the groups developing requirements, paper user interface prototypes, object-oriented design, coding, unit testing, software inspections, and system testing. A user manual was also required. Teams stored all project documents in a project notebook; by the end of the quarter, the typical project notebook was over an inch thick.

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